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Sunday Hours: Musso & Frank's Big Change

Hollywood's oldest eatery expands its schedule (after 30-plus years).



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    Musso & Frank
    In Tinseltown on a Sunday evening and longing for a steak? The venerable Musso & Frank's is now opening on the second day of the weekend for evening hours (as of Jan. 10).

    A restaurant changing its hours, or suddenly opening or closing on a particular day of the week, isn't typically an event that causes too many ripples. A newly hired chef might arrive with new ideas, or the owner wants to introduce brunch, and the updated hours are posted on the venue's site without much fanfare.

    But if you're a world-famous joint, and the oldest restaurant in Hollywood, and you've fully shuttered the place for an entire weekend day for over three decades, well, the schedule change is one that's going to sizzle a lot of people's steaks, in the best sense.

    The Musso & Frank Grill has been lights-off on Sundays for over 30 years now, as tourists and visitors and the occasional fan finds out when they show up and try the locked doors. But the doors will give starting on Sunday, Jan. 10 when the landmark eatery opens for Sunday dinner.

    Make that an on-the-early-side dinner. If you're a Musso's maven, you have the "11 to 11" open hours emblazoned on your brain, but Sundays will see a twist: Dining is available from 4 in the afternoon to 9 o'clock. No lunch, no late-night bite, but a nice, early-in-the-evening supper.

    A supper that might include the aforementioned steaks, which the restaurant is known for, as well as those ultra-stiff martinis. While many a modern dish appears on its lengthy menu, Musso's also has several harder-to-find, past-classics on the roster, on a menu "that's gone virtually unchanged for nearly 100 years."

    It's not every place that serves Diplomat pudding or cobbler or marinated herring to grenadine of beef nowadays.

    There've been a lot of grenadines on a lot of plates over the decades at the booth-lined fine-dinery. The Hollywood Boulevard restaurant will mark its first centennial in 2019, and a whole studio's worth of stars have shown up on the regular, from Charlie Chaplin to Raymond Burr to Marilyn Monroe.

    "Sunday suppers are a family tradition, and now we're opening them to the public for the first time in a generation," says Mark Echeverria, Musso's proprietor. "Our loyal customers have been asking for Sunday night reservations, and now we're pleased we can welcome them in."

    The eatery remains shuttered on Mondays, do note. Your cobbler craving will just have to wait for Tuesday at 11 o'clock, when the grand doyen of Tinseltown re-opens for the week.

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