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The 12 Punches of Christmas

Seven Grand puts a hip and timely twist on the traditional libation



    The 12 Punches of Christmas
    Craving a good adult-style holiday punch? Make for Seven Grand before Sunday, Dec. 23.

    Not bourbon. Not pina coladas. Not boilermakers and not Roy Rogers. Have a guess as to what libation consistently makes a grand return as suddenly hip, suddenly now, and suddenly the new cat's meow?

    Pretty much it's punch, with alcohol, without, served in a bowl or served from a bottle. There are reasons for its semi-annual appearance on the trendiest food and drink blogs. A main reason? People are enamored of punch's rather fusty history as a sip-it-politely drink served from a cut-crystal bowl.

    But punch doesn't always have to be polite and it never goes out of fashion at places like Seven Grand. The downtown LA whiskey parlor has never forgotten that punch packs pow, top ten lists or no, and they make a regular habit of giving the old-fashioned drink some new-fashioned love.

    With that in mind, the tony tavern is holding The 12 Punches of Christmas through Sunday, Dec. 23. Every day there's a different taste: Golden Rings Gingerbread Punch will be ladled on Wednesday, Dec. 19, while French Hens Pineapple Upside Down Punch is the drink of the day on Friday, Dec. 21. The individual drink names cheekily reference the Christmas carol, of course.

    The punches are all $7 a glass, and $1 of that goes to Toys for Tots.

    We're of course inspired to try our hand at punch-making at home. And as creative as we'd like to be, we're afraid that the tried-and-true red-and-sweet route gets us every time where the punch bowl is concerned. It's totally classic, is the deal.

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