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The $55 Bottle of Beer: Rare and Going Fast

A Pasadena restaurant is pouring the world-famous Westvleteren.



    The $55 Bottle of Beer: Rare and Going Fast
    Trattoria Neapolis
    Trattoria Neapolis in Pasadena is pouring the oh-so-rare (and $55 a bottle) Westvleteren. There are 12 bottles left to sell.

    Westvleteren XII is one of those names that, when whispered amongst a group of foam fanatics, brings about a hush.

    The Belgian brew is, bottle caps down, one of the world's most famous beers. That means the much-talked-about elixir always travels with these two tags: #rare and #pricey. The pricey part isn't exactly astronomical, if you want to consider what other frou-frou beverages sell for, but $55 for a bottle of beer certainly lends cause for pause and inspires beer buffs to seek it out for a taste.

    Trattoria Neapolis in Pasadena is now serving the legendary libation, but there are asterisks. Nope, you can't just belly up to the bar and slam your palm down, demanding the barkeep bring you a bottle of Westvleteren XII. The restaurant, which opened 'round the middle of last year, only got a few bottles of the stuff, and, at this typing, has 12 bottles left in its stock.

    This is how the bottles have been sold, and will be sold, before they're all gone: Show up on a Monday and hope you can purchase one of the three bottles being sold that day. Yep. The restaurant is only selling on Mondays and only three bottles. And only "one per table," too. (We should note that if the three bottles allotted for the week *do not* sell out on Monday, they'll still be for sale on Tuesday, Wednesday... But as soon as they're gone for the week, that's it.)

    So, if you see people queuing in front of the venue at the start of the week? Bet their there to try and snag one.

    To read about what Beer Advocate had to say on the suds -- they gave it 100%, by the by -- click here.

    Will you look at your usual $9 pitcher the same way again? Not-expensive pitchers are tasty, too, but a fancy foam now and then, just to say you did, and have a new experience, tempts.

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