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The Largest Outdoor Art Show Ever Conceived

Billboards across the nation will fill up with artworks during Art Everywhere U.S.



    The Largest Outdoor Art Show Ever Conceived
    The Los Angeles County Museum of Art has joined Art Everywhere, a nationwide push to bring artworks to billboards and other forms of outdoor advertising. (Pictured: Chris Burden's Urban Lights)

    Is the chain of things that art follows life which follows art which follows imagination? Or is that imagination follows art which is inspired by reality which hails from art?

    It can befuddle the mind, but one thing is true: Real life and culture impact each other, daily, in all the ways.

    Look to the recent photos making the online rounds, the ones that whimsically imagine a world where billboards and advertisements are replaced by artworks. If you love the idea, take heart. Because once again art is following life which is following art via the mondo Art Everywhere U.S. campaign.

    It's billed as "The Largest Outdoor Art Show Ever Conceived."

    The image-beautiful upshot of the cultural happening? "Approximately 50 recognized masterworks of American art from the museums' collections will appear on as many as 50,000 displays nationwide, including static and digital billboards, subway platforms and trains, buses and bus shelters from August 4 for 4 weeks."

    Meaning this: Our late summers are about to get dang artsy, in places we don't expect.

    Also meaningful? Five major museums, including our city's own Los Angeles County Museum of Art, are partnering with the Outdoor Advertising Association of America on Art Everywhere U.S.

    Right? Major. This isn't a go-it-alone thing, on the museums' behalf. The people behind the ad spaces are on-board.

    The final list of 50 artworks to be displayed have not yet been chosen, but you can vote. But vote with care, because you'll likely see the images throughout August.

    How refreshing it will be to see a watercolor up on a digital billboard, for a week or two, not saying anything to us but enjoy, think, ponder, and daydream.