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VW Vroom on Miracle Mile

The Petersen hosts a VW love-in. Bonus: The museum's clearing the vaults.



    VW Vroom on Miracle Mile
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    Air-cooled VWs will gather, in all of their air-cooled funkadelic VW-ness, at the Petersen Automotive Museum on Saturday, June 8. (Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

    So say you're making a movie -- congrats -- and you want to instantly convey that someone is free-spirited, come-what-may, live-and-let-live, and have-it-all-hang-out. Do they arrive on-screen in a stretch limo? Nope. Do they arrive in a personal jet? No way.

    Do they pull up in a VW Beetle or Bus that's covered in peace symbols and bumper stickers? You bet they do, if movie tradition is to be upheld. Volkswagen's have transcended mere carhood over the last few decades and become symbolic of a certain spirit and lifestyle, so much so that pop culture cannot resist the vehicle's "hey man, peace out" call.

    Whether real-life VW owners are quite so bohemian -- many must be, we're sure -- is another matter, but you can find out on Saturday, June 8 at the Petersen Automotive Museum on Miracle Mile. It's the VW Cruise-In, which is open to "all air-cooled VWs and clubs."

    So, you have a car that rocks a Herbie look? Or maybe some wheels painted in fluorescent hues? Make for Wilshire and Fairfax. Parking is waived that day for you, and the Petersen is handing out 2-for-1 admissions.

    An added bonus: The car-lovin' museum is opening up the vault that day for a sale. "Parts, literature, exhibit materials" and other "items from the museum's collection" will be on the tables for buying.

    Maybe you'll find a little something for your beloved VW? For in addition to being pop culture's go-to peace-out car, it is also the auto you're most likely to find things attached to, from stickers to plastic flowers. 

    Truth? Yeah, man. Like, totally.

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