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Weekend: Feast of San Gennaro

The street by Hollywood High is about to get very, very calzone-y.



    Weekend: Feast of San Gennaro
    Feast of LA
    The Galbani Italian Feast of San Gennero mangas it up in Hollywood from Friday, Sept. 26 through Sunday, Sept. 28.

    FEAST OF SAN GENNARO: There was a day, back around 2002 or 2003, when the Feast of San Gennaro would pop up in LA and many people would cheer, saying "we have an amazing Italian street party like NYC, too!" Now in its 13th year, the Hollywood-located calzone-a-mondo party isn't about the "too" any longer -- it's a major festival here, well over a decade old and with its own particular local identity. Carnival rides, street performers, meatballs, MEATBALLS, calzones and meatballs, and other Italian-feast-y delights await. Galbani is the host of the Sept. 26-28 event, so, yeah, there'll be cheese. Does that deserve all caps, too? You bet: CHEESE.

    KNOTT'S SCARY FARM OPENS: When berries were the Knott family's thing back in the 1930s, they could have hardly imagined that the word "scary" would be rhymed with "berry" and that the result -- a Halloween season attraction full of mazes and dread -- would become one of the most famous fear-fun places around. It's on through Nov. 1, there are eerie environments like "Special Ops: Infected" and "The Tooth Fairy," and the street scenes are screamy. Um, "The Tooth Fairy" is still sending a chill. For you, too?

    LONGINES LOS ANGELES MASTERS: Elite show jumping is something most people witness when watching a cable show about the prettiest, most talented ponies in the world, but its a spectacle few get to see live. Change that, at the Los Angeles Convention Center, from Sept. 25 through 28, when some of the most majestic manes around, and their talented humans, clear heights both impressive and astounding. Yes, both. Are there several other moons orbiting this mega event, like entertainments and foodly doings and such? Jump this way.

    CHOCOLATE SALON: Your mom said it was absolutely and definitely not polite to take the teensiest of bites out of the bottom of a chocolate from a box, but, c'mon: You had to see if it was nougat or creme or berry goo inside, right? Maybe there are social opinions on popping whole entire chocolates in your mouth, all at once, but no matter: People do it, happily, at this annual fancy sweets soiree in Pasadena. The chocolate-makers are on hand, in case you want to talk sea salt/lavender toppings and such. (You might ask 'em what they think of taking a teensy bite out of the bottom of a chocolate, too.) Saturday, Sept. 27

    HOT DAWGZ AND HAND RAILS: It may be the beginning of fall down in the lowlands, but winter revelers are ready to get the snow thing going up at Bear Mountain. "Over 140 tons of snow" will get delivered and the new Cali4nia Pass will go on sale, giving boarders and skiers season-long access to Bear Mountain, Snow Summit, Mammoth Mountain, and June Mountain. We know, we know, September and snow is unlikely, but you can bet snow bunnies are already dreaming/planning. Saturday, Sept. 27

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