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Weekend: The Grove Goes Aglow

Mary J. Blige, faux snow, Santa, and more merriment heads for the shopping destination.



    Weekend: The Grove Goes Aglow
    The Grove
    The Grove lights the big tree, with pomp, music, faux snow, and fireworks, too, on Sunday, Nov. 17.

    Grove Tree Lighting: A certain shopping destination that's plunk in the middle of our city (give or take) has gained a certain reputation over its decade+ existence for going big when the holidays arrive. This is why: Stars show up to sing -- Mary J. Blige, Jewel, and Cee Lo Green are on this year's docket -- the tree is massive -- you can spy its pointy top from higher hills and buildings across town -- and Santa shows with the faux snow. Oh, and yep: There are fireworks, too. Oh, Grove: You make other places that go big look positively eensy by comparison. Sunday, Nov. 17

    Mustache Dache: It's hard to throw a facial hair comb and not have it bounce off a Movember-themed event this month. (Also, don't throw combs, because it isn't nice.) The Mustache Dache is a fundraiser that'll be hoofing it, hirsute-style, near Dodger Stadium on Sunday, Nov. 17. Will there be a mechanical bull, a beer garden, or more festively fuzzy doings (all in the name of hair growth)? We wouldn't have posed it as a question if not. Help men's health, donate money, and show off what's going on above your lip (even if you're wearing false fur).

    Folk Revival Festival: Suspendered-wearing, porkpie-sporting musicians have become so much of a thing lately that even purveyors of such sounds send up the look (hi, Mumford & Sons). But folk is folk, folk lovers will tell you, and spending half a day, or nearly, taking in some 20 bands along Pine Avenue in Long Beach needs no sending up, just enjoying. Old-timey pleasures await. Saturday, Nov. 16

    Elephant Parade Farewell: Didn't yet get your chance to eye the pretty pachyderms gracing Dana Point? The awareness-raising large-scale sculptures are about to parade out. Not literally, via their big elephant via, but by closing up shop and to horizons. There's an auction on, too, if you're keen to care for one of the beauties. Final day is Saturday, Nov. 16 and the auction shutters on Nov. 17.

    Downtown on Ice: It's weekend number one for Pershing Square's annual frosty draw. The hours are long-ish, the skate rentals affordable -- two bucks, plus eight to skate -- and, yep, you can indeed hit the rink at night, when all of those surrounding buildings are lit-up, window-wise, and looking positively cinematic. Can't make it? You've got two months to mitten-up and make for downtown.