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"Wonderful" Times Two

Both the Egyptian and the Aero are playing the Christmas classic.



    "Wonderful" Times Two
    It's a Wonderful Life
    Haven't caught the holiday season's quintessential movie yet? Not one but two theaters are showing it still.

    There are memes and sudden trends that delightfully bewilder -- we're still not sure where we stand on some of the quirkier flash mobs a decade after their heyday -- but we can get behind the annual Watching of the Christmas Television Special and/or Movie on the Phone and/or Skype with a Long-Distance Friend.

    Okay, so it isn't the catchiest title for a here-today-maybe-here-tomorrow trend, but it works. More and more we're hearing of across-the-country pals getting on the phone to watch "A Charlie Brown Christmas," "Elf," and the biggie of all biggies, "It's a Wonderful Life."

    Charming, right? And not at all bewildering. We know why people do it: Because "Wonderful" is wonderful to watch with a friend.

    All of that said, if you do happen to be in town with a friend who is all about the Bailey, then you don't have to get on the phone: You can watch the 1946 gem in person.

    And you have two choices where to watch it: the Aero in Santa Monica or the Egyptian in Hollywood. Both are running it at least once in the days leading up to Christmas.

    It's a heart-warmer, whether you're watching it with the phone in your hand or not. And it's local ties are strong: Bedford Falls was actually Encino, or built in Encino, at least. And the pool scene? Beverly Hills High School.

    Don't shouldn't all SoCalers check on this this film at least every few years?