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Ziggy Marley Welcomes New Kid's Book with Free Shows

The reggae great will play two concerts in honor of "I Love You Too."



    Ziggy Marley Welcomes New Kid's Book with Free Shows
    Ziggy Marley
    Ziggy Marley will sing to celebrate the release of his new kid book "I Love You Too." Shows are at The Grove on Thursday, March 7 and the Americana on Tuesday, March 12.

    One of the early conundrums for parents is how to best share the things they enjoy, music- and book- and pop culture-wise, with their children. Grown-ups would love for their kids to have an appreciation for what they themselves love, and that often starts early, especially with music. (Look no further than the albums of lullabies based on Beatles' and Rolling Stones' tunes.)

    Thus it is exceedingly helpful when a favorite music artist wades into the realm of children's albums and then, later, children's books. The gap is instantly and entertainingly bridged.

    Ziggy Marley has done just that, first with the release of his Grammy-winning children's album "Family Time" and now with his new book "I Love You Too." Its sweet title was inspired by his 3-year-old daughter, Judah.

    Mr. Marley will celebrate his new book with both a signing and, yep, an acoustic gig. Actually, make that two acoustic gigs, and make them free. Oh, and make sure the kids can come, too; the first is on Thursday, March 7 at The Grove and the second is on Tuesday, March 12 at The Americana at Brand.

    The signings will follow at the respective Barnes & Nobles at both locations.

    Oh, and of note: The book is available now, via Nook, but a limited hard-cover edition will be for purchase at both events.

    If only all of our favorite musicians could find ways to help families enjoy certain vibes and stories together. We're glad when one paves the way.

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