Inflation is Hurting Everyone's Wallet. Here Are Ways to Save Money

SoCal Edison and the LA Department of Water and Power are offering programs to help people pay their bills.

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Inflation makes the essentials more expensive, from filling up your tank to powering your home.

One way to save money is to avoid overspending at the pump.

AAA of Southern California is reminding car owners to determine whether purchasing premium-grade gasoline is necessary.

While some cars say to only use premium gas, other vehicles recommend premium fuel.

"AAA's research has found when that vehicle's gas tank says 'premium fuel recommended' but doesn't say 'required,' you can use the regular gasoline," Doug Shupe from the Automobile Club of Southern California said.

AAA said 16 million drivers overpay for premium gasoline.

With the rising cost of utilities, SoCal Edison has four programs that can assist many customers in lowering their monthly bills or paying off utility debts.

The first is the income-based "care program."

A one or two-person household earning $34,840 or less or households with three people earning $43,920 or less can receive a 30% discount on their monthly bill.

Customers who have missed payments on their last two billing cycles can apply to a payment program to pay off the debt over 12 months.

People who utilize medical equipment requiring electricity may qualify for discounts on utility bills.

SoCal Edison will also allow customers to apply for debt forgiveness. 

If the customer can make 12 consecutive monthly payments, regardless of the owed amount, one-twelfths of their outstanding debt will be forgiven with each payment. 

"These programs are under-utilized," said SoCal Edison spokesperson Ron Gales. "We're waiting for people to take advantage of it."

The LA Department of Water and Power also provides programs to help customers pay their bills.

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