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Some Frontier Customers Say Service Problems Persist

Frontier customers and one of the company's own customer service reps said there are still service problems related to the conversion from Verizon despite what corporate spokesman said.

Terrible is the word Janet Bradfield said sums up her feelings about Frontier Communications services.

"Verizon is still showing up on my TV and under my phone number," she said. "We cannot get caller ID on the TV and our robocalls are coming through."

These are problems that have existed since Frontier's takeover for Verizon in April.

In her first local sit down interview, president of Frontier's west region, Melinda White promised the back log of service calls would be completely addressed by the end of May.

"We will have all of those customers back in service by the end of this month," she said then.

Frontier reported as much to the Public Utility Commission but the I-Team has continued to receive complaints. Bradfield's fed up.

"I laughed then and I'm still laughing now," Bradfield said. "Mothing has been resolved."

To prove it Bradfield called Frontier customer service, telling them she was recording the call.

"Is this a problem in this whole area? After checking yes, there's still an ongoing system update in the area right now. I was not able to see any reservation or end date for this certain problem."

Bradfield said that's the same answer she's received since April.

"I'd like to get out of the contract and that's what I'm questioning if I'm legally obligated to finish out the contract I had with Verizon with frontier."

That's something Frontier said it's allowed for some people.

"There is no response for that so I am thinking that if we leave we will be hit with some sort of exit fee."

The company would not answer the I-Team's questions about letting Bradfield out of her contract either, simplying saying they, "will certainly work with the customers" and "hopefully we can win them back."

Whether Frontier fixes Bradfield's service issues or not, she said when the contract expires, she's finished with Frontier.

"My opinion of Frontier is just not good," she said. "If they fixed it I'd still want to leave."

Frontier still says it is on-track to have U.S.-based customer service by the end of July. And issue billing credits to "every customer who reported a transition-related service outage" by the end of June.

The company said it will determine whether to let customers out of their contracts for free on a case-by-case basis.

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