‘I Want My Money Back’: Tenant Says Former Landlord Illegally Charged for Sewer Services

The tenant says she was charged for sewer, although the lease said sewer services were covered

An Inland Empire woman says she recently had to move in with her daughter after her former landlord charged her for sewer services, although her lease said sewer would be paid for by the management.

"It’s hard to go to my children when I need help," Jessie Lee said.

Lee had to move out of her Riverside apartment because she couldn’t afford it. Her lease says she didn't have to pay for sewer. But every month, a bill came and she paid it, even though she couldn’t afford it.

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"It came out of my food money," Lee said. 

Elena Popp with Eviction Defense Network said Lee should sue her landlord in small claims court.

"She had a provision that covered the utilities, including the sewage, so it was illegal for the landlord to charge those services," Popp said.

Tenants often reach out to NBC4  with complaints against landlords.

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