1,000 Car Horn Symphony

Hundreds of horns will sound at the same time. Beeeeep.

The car horn is one of those things we tend to think we, ourselves, can use differently than everyone else.

If we lean on it for five seconds we are well within our right to speak our mind about something happening outside of our vehicle. But if someone else does the same? We can be very much like, "okay, buddy, we get your point."

It is, in short, an aural fact of city life. And it will be that more than ever, from 6 to 6:05 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 15, during the 1000 Car Horn Symphony. Or, call it by the Entropy Symphony Movement III Los Angeles.

Zefrey Throwell is the artist behind the here-there-and-everywhere project. And it is quite a project, too; people who want to participate are being asked to send in their make of car, so a key can be given to them.

By the way, we like the location listed on Facebook for this event: "In Your Car Wherever You Already Are in Los Angeles."

It is a whimsical endeavor based on a necessary part of our automobiles, in short. The horn isn't always there to aggravate; it has a better role, in our safety, right? Maybe, at 6:02 p.m., as you sit on the freeway and the car next to you beeeeeeps as part of this project, you'll have time to muse about your horn-based feelings.

Los Angeles Nomadic Division is also presenting the five-minute event.

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