12/22: Sweet Honey in the Rock

Experience glorious a cappella in Disney Hall.

SWEET HONEY IN THE ROCK: Of all the things that are lovely to experience via the fabled acoustics of Walt Disney Concert Hall, a cappella is up there. When the a cappella includes holiday cheer, hymns that have been sung for generations, and hope for a new year, the joy grows. The celebrated Sweet Honey will soon mark 40 years of fabulous song; they're on at Disney at 8PM tonight.

"THE CHRISTMAS CAROL": The Relevant Stage's fresh take on a classic -- they're doing something a bit dif, if the "The" instead of "A" was a hint -- opens tonight at the Warner Grand. Just when a lot of the seasonal stage offerings are starting to slowly wind down, along comes one to keep us merry. Plus, the Warner Grand. A venue with oomph. The production runs through January 3rd.

CHRISTMAS CARTOON CHAOS! Cinefamily's packing up the presents and turning out the lights for awhile -- well, save a huge Christmas night movie spectacular -- but before they draw the curtains, they've invited animation maestro Jerry Beck to screen some crazy holiday cartoonage. Popeye and Tweety will be featured. Plus, you're allowed to show with nog. Nice, Cinefamily. 8PM

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