12/8: Wholphin Party

McSweeney's people, plus Joseph Gordon-Levitt, chat.

WHOLPHIN DVDS RELEASE PARTY: The wholphin is a dolphin/whale hybrid. It is rare. Also rare: writers and filmmakers making good things for us to savor the eyes upon. McSweeney's-ers like Brent Hoff and Emily Doe, and filmmaker-ers like Joseph Gordon Levitt, are making for Silent Movie Theatre tonight to party and show things on screen. Cinefamily's behind this, of course. $10, 8PM

WILLIE NELSON: He's back, he's bringing those sweet and soulful tunes of America and love and cowboys and bein' true, and if you can't catch him at Club Nokia tonight you can make for Thousand Oaks tomorrow night. Or, better yet, see both shows. Because. Willie Nelson. "Always On My Mind" live should be on everyone's must-enjoy list.

McG, "THE GRADUATE," AND YOU: You know McG from movies like "Charlie's Angels"; he's also a huge fan of "The Graduate," like every person who has ever seen a movie should be. The director is headed for the Skirball Cultural Center tonight to screen the Dustin Hoffman-starrer. It's at 7:30PM, price is $10. Hello darkness my old friend...

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