83 Days Until Oscar

The Academy is counting down, in an Academyish kind of way.

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It is so handy, in this information-riddled world, when an organization presents us with a special memory trick to remember that a special event is just around the corner.

Take the number 83, for instance. We're coming up on our 83rd Oscars, which are scheduled for Feb. 27, 2011. That date happens to be 83 days away from Tuesday, Dec. 7. If you think that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences decided to launch something lovely and time-diverting on that day, then you know a solid plot point when you seen one.

The Academy did indeed its "83 Days Until Oscar" countdown on Dec. 7, and fans visiting the org-behind-Oscar's site will find a daily treat that'll be all asparkle with factoids and famous faces.

Dec. 7 covers the very first Academy Awards. Cover the next sentence with your hand and see if you can remember what won. Of course you can: "Wings" did. The ceremony, held in May of 1929, took place at The Roosevelt. In the Blossom Room.

1929, The Roosevelt, silent stars in Deco-delicious outfits, a fancy dinner, a place called the Blossom Room. The dial on the vintage Hollywood glamour machine must have been set to "very high."

Follow each and every ceremony here, right up through the next one on Feb. 27.

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