A Day in California

Count 'em: 10,000+ photos make up this stunner of a video.

Ryan Killackey

How cheered are you by the viral video that is uplifting and local and loves on something you yourself love? And isn't about something you've been coerced into smiling at 17 times before?

Probably very. That's how we're feeling today after watching Ryan Killackey's video "A Day in California." So cheered. And astonished, too; Mr. Killackey employed over 10,000 separate photos to create his Golden State tribute. (We'll also add that Ryan's wife gets a top credit as a creator on this video, so big ups to her as well.)

Have we taken 10,000 photos ever? Much less spent the time and care to arrange them in albums and frames? These are questions we don't care to answer online. Because online is forever.

Mr. Killackey is pre-med at Biola University, says his Twitter page. So pair that fact with the 10,000 photos fact and you come up with a very talented man who can clearly get a project done. Even a mammoth, California-spanning one.

Watch the video and see if you can spot your favorite spots. We love the tilt-shift wizardry and impressive compositions. Quite the Monday-maker.

A Day in California from Ryan Killackey on Vimeo.

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