A Film Soiree Oozing a Soft, Delicious Center

Oh, we'd drive just about anywhere to stand around gnawing away at chocolates, but that An Evening of Chocolate Bliss, taking place on Thursday, February 5 at Raleigh Studios, also includes a screening of a documentary about the dark/milk/white stuff is pure bonus.

"In Search of the Heart of Chocolate" is filmmaker Sarah Feinbloom's delicious dip into the one confection we can all agree kind of obsessing over (well that, and pizza and beer, we guess). She turns her camera on everything from chocolate sauce to chocolate saucy, as in sex -- right, you knew that would be tied into this all, didn't you? And all the yumminess that surrounds that beautifully beany, cocoa-flecked foodstuff. 

The party at Raleigh Studios will have two screenings of the film, plus a "chocolate reception" for the film goers. Reading those words, chocolate reception, makes us long for the day when everything business-y we must do is followed by one of those. Job interviews, too. Well, it could only help.

And while we still haven't installed a chocolate fountain on our property, we feel sure somewhere out there someone has, and it makes them very happy, and that makes us very happy. And to them, we raise a drippy, fudgie marshmallow on a skewer.

And by the way, the filmmaker's web site is www.chocumentary.com. Yes it is. And so we must raise a marshmallow in salute to her as well.

An Evening of Chocolate Bliss
Thursday, February 5, 7:30-9:30PM
Raleigh Studios, 5300 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood
Check out the official site for reservation info

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