A Landmark Hotel's New Pet-Ready Programs

Traveling with a particular pal? They'll get arf-worthy additions, at the Del.

IF EVER... there was a property made for animal love, the Hotel del Coronado would be it, or at least in the top dogly dozen. Yep, the Del's beach-close spot is definitely a plus when traveling with Spot, and its expansive grounds are helpful, too. But consider that a writer who is very much associated with one of the most famous of all pups is also associated with the Del. Beyond associated, actually; L. Frank Baum, the author of the "Oz" books, designed the hotel ballroom's much-photographed crown chandeliers. So, yep, Toto absolutely has a place at the Del -- several, judging by how often you come across his furry little face in the gift shop, on various items -- and so do guests' dogs and cats as well. Now the landmark property, which recently marked its quasquicentennial, has launched several "paw friendly programs" designed to treat visiting dognitaries, er, dignitaries, and feline VIPS, right.

ARF-LY AMENITIES: The welcome stuff is necessary and nice and includes a placemat, water bowl, and food dishes, plus pick-up bags, litter box (if needed), treats from the resort chef, and, yep, a scratch pad for cats, if requested. Beds and crates, too, are there for the asking. Pet walking and pet sitting are also available, as is room service (swaaaanky stuff). Basically? Anything your collar-rocking guy or gal gets at home, and then some, the Del is ready to provide. Add onto that a petly guide to Coronado Island and you're set. There is a $125 non-refundable charge for pets staying in rooms, and $200 in the suites, so read all the asterisks before packing your shaggy pal's overnight bag.

HOLD ON: Did Toto really have all of this nifty stuff along the Yellow Brick Road? Well, he had spunk and can-do, that little tyke, and that counts for much.

OH... and "quasquicentennial" simply means 125th anniversary. Yep, it is a fancy word to throw around, but the Del's kind of delightfully fancy. So why not? And how many hotels reach their quasquicentennial, anyway?

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