A New Social Blendr

A new social network developed in Los Angeles uses GPS to located friend and potential dates

A new social network based on your phone's GPS and your interests promises to be the next big thing in social technology.

Blendr, an iphone and Facebook app, allows you to connect with current friends or meet new ones using your phone's global position system.

"Blendr helps you jump start conversations with those who near you at any given time," said the website. (It) "lets you learn more about the people around you, anywhere, anytime, wherever you take your mobile device."

The app shows you where people are located within feet and gives you a short bio provided by the user.

Blendr comes from the creators of the GLBT dating app Grindr.  While Grindr focused of instant connection based on GPS, Blendr appears to take it a few steps further.  It allows for more information to be shared, "heat maps" that show the volume of check-ins, and status updates based on your location.

With so much information being shared so quickly and often, developers said they've played close attention to privacy issues.

"Privacy was very important to us when we developed this app," said Joel Simkhai, Blendr founder. "You are in full control of who can see you and who can chat with you."

Simkhai said it is up to you how much information you want to share about yourself, your interests or your location.

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