A Star Bed Gets a Shout-Out

YOUR FAVORITE: Do you have a favorite room at that rock-and-waterfall-y wonder of the 101, the Madonna Inn? Very likely, if you've called the Golden State home for a bit, and love a good, old-fashioned road trip. So our next question is this: Do you have a favorite *bed*? It's true that back in the day the Inn's much talked-about Tall & Short room had a bed that was taller on one side (now it is a standard king). And the Caveman has a particularly, um, caveman-y coverlet (though we'll guess the bed beneath is much plusher than the room's name would imply). But Yahoo! Travel UK and Ireland has taken a shine to a particular bed, and its name rings a bell. Or a triangle, rather.

YAHOO! ROOM: Yep, Yahoo! is sweet on the Yahoo! room bed. As they should be; after all, it is one of the rare beds with wheels. And nope, we're not talking the petite little metal wheels sometimes found on beds of yore. The Yahoo! room's sleep spot is downright wagon-wheel-y. Read more about it, and the site's other favorite beds from here to everywhere.

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