A Toast to Tom Bergin's

Cocktails in Historic Places is raising a glass there on Nov. 5.

Cocktails in Historic Places is heading for a certain Fairfax Avenue pub on Friday, Nov. 5, which has set us to thinking about one of our city's great pubs and one of the neighborhoodiest bars in all the land. Here are a few Tom-terrific things we like, and likely share with you.

Tom Bergin v. Tom Bergin's: The famous sign outside says "Tom Bergin." And yet it is called "Tom Bergin's," by everyone and on its own web site. In a world that demands strict adherence to branding, whatever that may mean, the pub has let the name thing happen organically. Nice. (Should we mention that a lot of people go whole-hog with "Tom Bergin's Tavern"? Nice, too.)

March 17: The crowds outside start just after sunrise. You've seen them, or you've been in them, one or the other.

Irish Coffee: Really, it should be enjoyed in the hottest of weather, not just our damp February days. Try it.

The sign outside: It implores pubbers to keep it down and keep it friendly with the neighbors. For the love of every tasty and true beverage, why can't every restaurant and bar have such a sign outside? Please. Everyone. Have fun, but shush.

The Irish Reuben: Not easy to find on menus. Also, the bar has several items starting with "Bergin's," like "Bergin's Tomatoes." Old-school-i-ality at its most namesake-y. Love it.

The bar: It was famously carried by regulars and staff down Wilshire and around the corner down Fairfax several decades ago. One of the best local tales. The other big thing to have happened on that particular corner was the whole "Volcano" lava running thing, in the 1997 movie, with Tommy Lee Jones. What a corner!

The shamrock: Neon luck. Make a wish on it every time you pass, LA. Every. Time. Serious.

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