A Very Rifftrax Christmas

They're back in the theaters for two nights. Ho ho ho.

Oh middle of December, you're a friend.

You are. We may grouse that we're up-to-here with end-of-the-year to-doing. Work and life and all the fun bits may overwhelm on occasion. But we like you. A few laughs right around now help, too.

The Rifftrax team, that band of merry mirthmakers from "Mystery Science Theatre 3000," can help with that part. Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett, and Kevin Murphy are once again gathering together to do their snidely movie-commenting best.

You'll remember that they did a live, comment-while-the-movie plays event back near Halloween; "Plan 9 From Outer Space," with the gentlemen's wicked commentary, ran in theaters across the country.

Now the trio is back with a whole sleigh brimming with Christmas shorts. We're already smiling. Will there be Martians riding reindeer? Christmas trees that talk? We're hoping for that or similar. The night is Wednesday, December 16th, a number of theaters around Southern California will be participating, and there is an encore showing on Thursday, December 17th. Oh! And Weird Al Yankovic is joining.

Raise the snow-covered roof! That is SO ho ho ho.

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