A Very Venice Valentine’s

Pair up, bike up, and hit the streets of Venice for a scavenger hunt.

couple on date

Venice didn't invent the bike, but let's say the city promotes the cause on a daily basis, judging by the cycles on the boardwalk.

Nor did Venice invent romance, but judging by the number of canoodlers who regularly flock to the beach, the city has something of a lock on love.

And when spokes and sweethearts meet? It must be the weekend before Valentine's Day, and Out of the Box must be in the mix. The scavenger hunt organizers are at it again, and the Hearts Holiday dash they've got cooked up involves three things: twosomes, cycles, and a certain arch-blessed oceanside burg.

The Valentine's Venice Hunt, which is taking place on Saturday, Feb. 11 and Sunday, Feb. 12 -- as well as a special Tuesday, Feb. 14 session -- will "uncover the dirty secrets" of the city. How often do you see those words on your Valentine's Day promo or brochure? We're just sayin'. They're pretty eye-catching. Take note, restaurants and florists.

If you don't have a bike you can rent one for ten bucks. Cost to join the hunt is $25, and teams'll be in twos. Even if you don't have a sweetheart this Valentine's season we bet you have a bud who likes dirty secrets and tooling around via two wheels. We all have that bud.

We're loving this hunt because, well, any Valentine's to-do that involves fresh air, salt-air exercise and dirty secrets gets our high five. Just no high fives while we're on the bike. Both hands on the handlebars. Safety first, dirty secrets later.

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