Abbie Cornish and Jane Campion Talk “Bright Star”

The actor and director make for the Aero.

One could argue that there are five seasons in Los Angeles: summer, fummer (fall/summer), rain, June Gloom, and that time of year when film notables land in droves and start popping up at screenings.

One could also argue that it is *always* the last of the five seasons named in LA. Because so many film professionals live here. And yet, December through February feels richer in terms of seeing these people in person, we're guessing because of the award season swirl, in part.

Thank you, award season swirl.

Abbie Cornish and Jane Campion will be appearing at the Aero Theatre on Saturday, December 12th to Q&A about that romantic period film "Bright Star"; "Sweetie," another fine work from "The Piano" director, will screen after.

Jane Campion has had an amazing career -- among her films is the great Kate Winslet-starrer "Holy Smoke" -- and it is a rare treat for Angelenos to see her Q&A. Likewise, if you've seen magazines as of late, you know Abbie Cornish, and you know she's getting raves for her turn in "Bright Star."

Get there, see this beautiful film again, and hear behind-the-scenes tales and how the movie came together, from the people who made it.

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