All Wet

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Oliver Aguilar

SCRAP'N STUFF UMBRELLA: Much has been written of the need to cheer ourselves on a damp day. Volumes. Libraries. Or maybe it was advice our mom gave us long ago. And while we like a sensible slicker, our umbrella should liven things up. This shielder from The Met should do just that. $27.99

RAINDROP TSHIRT: Probably more for brighter-day wear, but we like the mischievous raindrop, and the cloud helping the flowers grow. The bright magenta and the flowy sleeves are nice, too. We're already feeling sunnier. Via Pinecone and Chickadee, $28

RAINBOW SQUARE BOBBY PINS: And, after the storm, the rainbow. A rainbow you can wear on your head. Two rainbows you can wear on your head. Make the hair happier. $8, via Nomsa

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