Amusement Parks: Pablo's Perspective

This summer - millions of people from around the world will come to Southern California to visit one or more of our local amusement parks... it's big business - but all those park visitors add to our air pollution and all that trash generated each year helps to fill our landfills.

But now amusement parks, like Universal Studios and Disneyland, are taking a much more active role in creating environmentally-friendly theme parks for future generations. The theme parks are using alternative fuels now in most of the people movers, which cuts down on emissions. Solar panels have been installed at some parks to help generate electricity and most parks now actively recycle the tons of trash left behind by tourists each year.

Amusement park designers are also looking towards the future... older rides are being updated & new rides are becoming more energy efficient. The recycling programs are also a good way for visitors to save money…many offer huge discounts off a daily admission ticket for simply bringing in a can and recycling it at the ticket booth.

Probably the most impressive thing I saw while touring the Universal Studios park was the solar panels... for those of you who have been there - the studio lot is giant more than 400 acres. Just behind the Gibson Concert Hall, Universal installed dozens of solar panels on what basically is a hillside that was not being used for much else.

I also noticed the trams tend to burn cleaner -- didn't notice much black smoke.... all good things this week when the temperature outside is expected to climb well over 100 degrees right on through the 4th of July holiday.

As always - keep those emails coming. We are always looking for good local stories about what you and your family is doing to go green.

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