And the Great LA Walk ’09 Will Be…

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Pico, Wilshire, Santa Monica. So many magnificent boulevards have been selected as Great Los Angeles Walk streets in the past. Now a new thoroughfare has been named for '09, and we're feeling up and Adam.

Or Adams, rather. Variety editor and LA-lovin' blogger Mike Schneider, the founder and organizer of the annual outing, just released the '09 location. Or locations. This year, the GLAW will cover portions of both Washington and Adams Boulevards, taking walkers from West Adams all the way to beautiful Venice Beach.

Mike referred to "ex-presidents" as a good way to sum up the 2009 jaunt. Participants will meet at the Shrine Auditorium early on Saturday, November 21st. Then the walk begins, taking strollers past the Victorian gingerbread-y wonders along Adams and into Culver City, where there will be a lunch break.

Speaking of Victorian wonders. The mansion on the northwest corner of Arlington and Adams. The most fairytale-ish abode in all of LA? It's on our list. Plus, right behind it: the "Six Feet Under" house. Charmed, that corner.

And then, after lunch, it's down Washington to Venice Beach. Fourteen miles in all. It can be done in a day. As Mike often points out, it is the Saturday before Thanksgiving. The ideal day to *pre*-work-off some poundage.

Get details, get moving, and get to breaking in your sneakers before heading out with other urban adventurers on November 21st.

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