Wolf Blitzer Loses Jeopardy, Dignity

Andy Richter drops trivia hammer

The king of deadpan news delivery, Wolf Blitzer, got his beard handed to him by Andy Richter on Thursday's edition of Celebrity Jeopardy.

The host of CNN's "The Situation Room" finished Double Jeopardy with negative $4,600 -- meaning he would have been more successful not answering a single question. Darrell Hammond's Sean Connery could've outplayed him.

Richter, who recently got his old job back as Conan's sidekick, took home $68,000 for the St. Jude's Children’s Hospital.

This isn't Richter's first title. About 10 years, he was on the show and was also victorious, he said.

Runner-up Dana Delany left with $25,000 for her charity. Despite finishing in the red, Blitzer was also given a charitable donation of $25,000.

Celebrity Jeopardy airs on the third Thursday of every month through May 2010, with a guaranteed cash prize of $1 million going to the winning star's favorite charity, according to the show's website.

For a nice montage of Blitzer's self-destruction, check out gawker.com.

And for a little behind-the-scenes action, we've embedded a bit from The Tonight Show:

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