Announced: Outside Lands 2013

San Francisco's mega summer concert fest gets its August dates.

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SAN FRANCISCO'S BIG JAM: We're never ones to pit really awesome thing against other really awesome thing, because we should all be lucky to have two awesome things in the world rather than none. But too often our state's two biggest music-and-art-based spectaculars are compared for size and other reasons, which seems a mite strange. The Coachella Music and Arts Festival, which unfurls at Indio in the spring, and Outside Lands, which unfurls in Golden Gate Park in summer, are two distinct beings. Actual beings, in a way; we were going to go back and retype that, but "beings" is a word that kind of works for both. They both have their own character and vibe, distinct from each other. And while Coachella has its dates for 2013 -- April 12-14 and April 19-21 -- Outside Lands, being a bit later in the year, was waiting on its calendar. Now it has it: Aug. 9-11, 2013.

THOUSANDS STRONG: The many people who visit the three-day fest each year are not only there for the music but all the to-dos that surround the stages. Like Wine Lands, which raises a glass to many a nearby vintner, and Beer Lands, which does the same, only instead of vintners local craft brewers get the love (and share the love). Art displays and a whole caboodle of stuff to look at and be culturally enriched by round out the out-sized weekend. No on-sale for tickets was listed, but you can peruse colorful and happy pictures from the past half decade.

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