Arroyo Artists at Home

Over 100 artists around Eagle Rock and environs are on a big, artsy tour.

The Arroyo Arts Collective site says it best. "Art tours have sprouted up around the city, but the Arroyo Art Collective's Discovery Tour is one of the oldest--and most eclectic."

Let's start with "oldest." The Discovery Tour will mark its 20th next year, so it is indeed one of the more venerable poke-about-an-artist's-home-or-studio events in the city.

Then there's "eclectic." That's an easy descriptive to live up to, seeing as how over a hundred artists participate. It isn't all going to be one sort of painting or knit-sculpture. The gamut will be run, and likely passed, and then circled around and revisited once more.

The date is Sunday, Nov. 20, which is just about the most perfect of dates, as far as a big, sprawling, art tour goes. A lot of people have visitors in town and are looking for a day out; and a lot of people are looking for interesting holiday gifts (get 'em on the early side, we say, if you can).

We said "sprawling" there and we want to explain. Sprawl is good in this case; it means the tour takes place over a wide area, an area that includes Eagle Rock and Highland Park and Mt. Washington and all of the beautiful and funky and stair-sweet and river-rock-y pockets of Northeast Los Angeles (which you of course call NELA for short, yes?).

A ticket is ten dollars in advance, fifteen day of. They're selling them at Galco's. Of course! All roads lead back to Galco's, and thank goodness. Thank you, Galco's. And thank you, artists of NELA. We like looking around your homes and at your interesting art.

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