Art and Accordions Near Dinos and Rocks

Amanda Visell's got a one-night show at Natural History.

Amanda Visell

Before all those weekend plans, or plans to make weekend plans, begin to gel or coalesce or whatever it is that weekend plans usually do, we had to make mention of something happening at the Natural History Museum on Friday, April 9.

Artist Amanda Visell -- you've seen her vinyl jackalopes and robot figurines and eye-feeding illustrations at arty shops around town, and online -- will be having a show celebrating her work Primeval Love. Art show in a natural history museum? Check one thing to like.

Two more things to like: The Petrojvic Blastic Company will be spinning folk-music magic. There may be kicking up of heels to accordion-type songs. And Mandoline Grill will be serving Vietnamese deliciousness like beef banh mi and noodle bowls.

The show's from 7-11 p.m. You should also pay your respect to the dino in the main hall while there.

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