Beastly Ball Helps Beasties Have a Ball

Watching baby animals gulp greedily from bottles, or gnaw on eucalyptus leaves, or gently doze in a stretch of sunlight is something we, and 100-percent of humanity, could probably do all day. Maybe even for a living. Will someone pay us to sit on a bench and watch koalas sit in trees and gently scratch each others' backs? Our resume is at the ready. We won't even ask for vacation time.

The LA Zoo's annual Beastly Ball is all about those animals, and keeping the public in the know about what the zoo's famous furry and fang-y and snarfly residents are up to. It's billed as a gala, so think fancy, not typical flip-flopped-out zoo wear, and it is outside. In the evening. With dancing and music and gourmet bites. All soothing to the mind.

And the auction items intrigue, particularly the private zoo jaunt with Slash -- the guitar-shredding, top-hatted Slash, in case you were wondering -- along with the zoo's Curator of Reptiles. Might this be the best day ever for the winner of this partic auction? It might be.

Beastly Ball, June 20th, 6PM, Los Angeles Zoo

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