‘Beauty & the Beast' Tea at SLS Hotel

The posh-pretty, whimsy-minded Beverly Hills hotel has a few fairy tale doings afoot.

HOW DO YOU FIND BEAST'S CASTLE? Well, you'll first need to cross the Atlantic Ocean, and then make your way into the forests of France, and a trusty horse might be good, and, perhaps, a talking teapot or candelabra to give you advice, direction, and support. Oh, and you should probably have a time machine, too, in addition to your boat ticket, or whatever way you'd like to return to the splendorific age of magic and fairy tales. But if you haven't secured your Atlantic passage yet, and you don't know a talking candelabra, perhaps you only need find your way to SLS Hotel. The Beverly Hills poshery has teamed up with Walt Disney Studios and the El Capitan Theatre to offer a variety of Belle-issimo experiences for those who are looking forward to a new live-action film debuting in March. It's the much-anticipated "Disney's Beauty and the Beast," and while the feature rolls at the Hollywood-historical El Cap, in addition to other cinemas, SLS will be setting its tables for an "Enchanted Afternoon Tea" inspired by the story and film.

THE "BE OUR GUEST" TEA SERVICE... includes Mrs. Potts' Savory Snacks, Chip's Sweet Delights, a glass of Cava for the grown-ups, and a host of premium teas. The swanky spot? Tres by José Andres (Chef Andres, in fact, is curating the sip-and-be-splendid experience). As for other tale-as-old-as-time to-dos around the hotel? A "commemorative 'Beauty and the Beast' tasting menu" at The Bazaar — it includes an "Enchanted Rose" dessert — and an overnight package complete with a two-people "styling session" at Ciel Spa as well as two VIP Preferred tickets to a screening of the film at El Capitan in Hollywood will also be offered. And is there a "decadent 'Enchanted Rose' amenity"? Well, fairy tales often arrive with a sprinkling of wonder (so: yes). Magic spells do end, however, and this sparkly spell, the one cast by SLS, must eventually say "adieu," too. So contact the castle — er, we mean the hotel, rather — and book your tea, tasting menu, or overnight stay soon, and definitely before March 26, when this particular fairy tale bids farewell to the whimsical Beverly Hills hotel.

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