Belle and Beast Waltz at the Pantages

Broadway Meets the Boulevard Meets Fairy Tale France.

Joan Marcus

It's hard to believe that Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" turns 20 this year, and it is hard to think of that film without immediately thinking of its most famous, oft-replayed scene, which is Belle, in her hoop-skirted yellow frock, twirling around a high-ceilinged ballroom with a dapper Beast.

We sometimes try and think of puffed-up, très in-amour-with-himself Gaston, but, sorry Gaston; that yellow gown has become downright iconic.

Now the big yellow gown, and Belle's preening would-be suitor, and Beast, and Belle herself are all waltzing into the Pantages for a nearly three-week stage run; "Disney's Beauty and the Beast" opens on Wednesday, March 9 and dances through Saturday, March 26.

You might have seen it on Broadway, where it ran for well over a decade. Solid. We'll wager its big success is due in large part to the Ashman/Menken/Rice songs, and how great they sound live. And a fab cast is essential too, of course; props especially to Beast, who not only is under some Beastly cosmetics but has to undergo one of the stagedom's most major transformations.

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