Belting Out the Ballads, Lagoon-Livin' Style

A kitten tumbling with a ball of yarn. A hot-air balloon at sunset. The Creature from the Black Lagoon, all swampy tentacles and fishy scales, clutching a green-topped microphone that looks as if it was dipped in algae.

And he's singing. Singing his aqua lungs out. Do we know the pains of living at the bottom of a lake, with only minnows and various worms to make chitchat with? No. No we do not.

Sometimes, you just have to stop in wonder and delight when you come across a particular photo. And the pictures coming out of the new music-filled Creature from the Black Lagoon attraction at Universal Studios, which debuted on July 1st, are certainly filling us with a special squishy joy; it is like we have happy mud in our hearts.

In one image, the Creature is warbling, probably about love? We hope. In another, the Creature is tangoing with a sexy young thing. We're feeling B-movie mania for sure. Summertime, mucky-lake men in love... yes.

Where's our drive-in theater? Feeling extreme desire for popcorn and 98-ounce soda, extra cherry syrup. And flip-flops. And tube tops. Curling-ironed hair, a velour-seat jalopy and more creature-y weirdness...

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