Bike Valet Awaits at Car-Free Earth Day Bash

Wilshire Center celebrates April 22. Come on foot, or two wheels.

Here are some things to admire about the third annual Wilshire Center Earth Day/Car-Free Day.

One, it is on Earth Day. Thursday, April 22. We like the parties that happen before/after, of course, but making it happen on the day of is always a good thing. Easy for the calendar-challenged among us to remember.

Two, the party is pretty mid-city-ish, so we can all go if we want.

Three, there is a bike valet. They're serious about the "car-free" part of the event's title.

Four, entertainment. For free. On a weekday. Thank you.

Five, e-waste recycling. We don't recommend balancing that bulky old computer monitor on your handlebars, but if you want to walk that baby over, rather than throwing it in the trash, do it.

Six, a free tree giveaway, part of the Million Trees program. A five-gallon shade tree. Again, do not balance on your handlebars. If you do arrive on your bicycle, best inquire about the seed packets they'll be handing out.

Thanks for doing it again, Wilshire Center! Thursday, April 22, 11 a.m-3 p.m.

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