Bingo Cards and Bikinis

Don't get your tanning butter on your Bingo card.

For years, your biggest Bingo-based mishap might be getting donut crumbs on your card.

But then, Bingo entered nightclubs and bars over the past decade, and cards across this great land were getting damp with gin. G-23 could get pretty smeary over the course of a raucous evening. And the pen? A person might wake up with a round blue circle imprinted on one cheek.

We'd long wondered where Bingo might show next -- commuter trains? Electronics conventions? -- and now we have our answer: the beach. There's a Tuesday- and Thursday-evening Bingo game going down at the South Beach Lifeguard Stand in Avalon on Catalina Island, and seeing video of Bingo-ists lounging in the sand, lazily marking their cards with those bright fat pens, makes us jealous.

Cards are one dollar; time is 6 p.m. If you're a hardcore card-carrying card-carrier, there's no way you can't give this ocean-side location a spin.

So bars, now that the beach is competing on the Bingo front, what activity will you introduce next? Please say skee ball. Wait. Skee ball in ball gowns. Even better.

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