Boom Bang: Drumming Stars Snare Four Roxy Nights

Street Drum Corps bring the percussive fierceness.

Every-day's-a-holiday sites can be very handy during those times when it feels like something festive is afoot, but there isn't a name for it.

For example, we've been quite sure that Tuesday, Nov. 16 is Make Some Big, Percussive Waves Day in Los Angeles, courtesy of two drum-and-beat-focused shows opening on the date.

Dear holiday sites: Want to add that to your lists? Thank you.

Why is Nov. 16 so boom boom crash rim boom? Well, "Pandemonium," from the people behind "Stomp," roils at Royce Hall for three nights starting on Nov. 16. Will the artists be broomsticking out beats on everyday objects? "Likely" would be too limp an answer here. You can expect to feel this show inside the sternum.

On that same night, at The Roxy, Street Drum Corps picks up the sticks and welcomes a cavalcade of set-mastering stars. In fact, a "Stomp" star -- Mr. John Sawicki -- will appear on Nov. 16. There will be four nights in all for the Corps: Nov. 16, Nov. 23, Nov. 30, and Dec. 7.

No Doubt's Adrian Young and one Tommy Lee will also be stopping by, perhaps with their favorite sticks in hand, in the coming weeks.

Drumming devotees -- drumevotees? -- get info on tickets now.

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