Breezing Through Malibu Arts

Happy 40th to a venerable, ocean-close festival.

A lot of traditional arts festivals make sure that each booth selling works is staffed by the artist or the artist's friends, the better to give lookers and potential buyers a chance to get to know the person behind the painting.

But Malibu Arts Festival has been going a bit further. They've been introducing their many artists on Facebook, so attendees will arrive knowing a bit more about the man who does the speckled pottery or woman who creates the small-scale bronzes. (There are "over 200 Fine Art Exhibits," so there are plenty of people to get to know.)

Even if you don't pre-study-up, you'll still have a grand time at the Saturday, July 30 and Sunday, July 31 walk-around. It's Malibu, it's on Civic Center Way, and you'll be thisclose (prettymuch) to the Pacific. (We hope that wasn't too much of a spoiler, the Pacific being up against Malibu).

And the festival is turning 40 in 2011. Meaning they've certainly got the "throwing a good time" part down.

Admission is free. There's still time to memorize a lot of the artists. Impress the friends you go with by talking a bit about each booth you pass and technique and such. Or, better yet, impress the artists you meet. And whether you study ahead or not, definitely take time to meet a few of the artists and purchase a work or two. Because that is nice and everyone wins.

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