Brief, Biting, and Sometimes Burbanky

The LA Comedy Shorts rounds up the local laffs.

Look, we don't know what to say to other places everywhere, specifically those places that contain people who like to make short, humorous videos that they like to post online.

The fact is that, yes, the nature of the internet is that anyone anywhere, pretty much, by now, has the capacity to make a funny film and share it with the world. But do a lot of the funny films that gain traction get made in Los Angeles?

Why yes. They do.

So when a whole mess of local filmmakers throw a whole mess of their snappy and sassy cinema fare up on a big screen and invite laff-lovers to share the mirth, you can bet it is a full-on funny fest. It is, in fact, the LA Comedy Shorts Film Festival, and it is on from April 26 through April 29 around downtown. (Downtown Independent will be your main go-to for filmage, but there are some other party-type locales, please note.)

You want highlights? "Goodnight Burbank" will screen on Friday, April 27; just the name makes us pre-laugh. And Buck Henry'll talk writing comedy on April 27. Buck. Henry. The. Graduate. Sentences. With. Periods. After. Every. Word. Yes, you need to go and learn from this master. Do it. Let's also love on Mr. Henry's star turn in "The Player" while we're here. So good? So good.

We also see that most of the people who were in "Reno 911!," plus lots of people who are in the larger "Reno" family, will be showing to delight comedy lovers in various ways. You get the vibe. No-holds-barred bananas-type fun.

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