Brokechella 2012

Didn't make the desert this year? No sweat.

James Farrell

How do you know when you've become a really, really, really important cultural event?

When lively, devil-may-care satellites spin off or near you. Take the Sundance Film Festival. That came first and became huge. Soon after there was the Slamdance Film Festival, and NoDance, and Slamdunk, and a bevy of cheeky, creative responses to the world-famous cineparty.

So. Is Coachella the music world's own Sundance? Maybe, maybe not -- argue away, people who like to argue about such things -- but there is Brokechella, which is happening on Saturday, April 21 at Six01 Studios.

The rocking party's lead line? "In the spirit of the festival that none of us could afford..." And summoning that spirit? The Dead Ships, Infantree, Big Moves, Rumspringa, Gypsy Death Star, and a bevy of other bands. The hours are 4 p.m. to the wee smalls of 2 a.m. so, nope, it isn't as long as Coachella, but dang it, you don't need a tent or sunblock.

Cost is $5, which was probably the cost of the sunblock you need in the desert.

Love you, Coachella, and by gum, we love all the Brokechellas out there. Which leads us to three questions.

One? How many more -chellas are to come? Get thinking, witty LA people.

Two? When will the bands of Brokechella start playing Coachella? It could happen for sure.

And three? What will the spin-off of Brokechella be called? It's a fact of science that satellites can have satellites. So we're throwing GoForBroke in the hat for whoever responds to Brokechella with their own smaller festival. It's yours, for free, if you want it.

(Dead Ships image:

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