Bukowski Buffs Back Stamp

Fans of the LA author push for a USPS commemoration.

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Just days after John Fante Square was dedicated at the corner of Grand and 5th, and just days before the Estouric John Fante Bunker Hill tour, comes news of a possible Charles Bukowski postage stamp.

We mention John Fante because he and Charles Bukowski are often mentioned in the same breath. Both wrote about Los Angeles. Both did not write travel brochure-ready tales of our city. Both understood the complicated forces pulsing just beneath our palm-lined boulevards. They got troubled people and lives on the edge.

Now fans of Mr. Bukowski, who passed away in 1994, are asking that he be honored via a postage stamp. Which makes perfect sense, as the author also spent time as a mail carrier.

No surprise that the Esotouric people are at the center of this commemorative push. They are, in fact, leading a Charles Bukowski tour on Saturday, April 24 entitled "Haunts of a Dirty Old Man: Charles Bukowski's Los Angeles."

Stamp backers are asking for the release to happen around the 20th anniversary of the author's death, in 2014; get more info on the petition and follow what's happening here. 

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