Cabrillo Marine Aquarium: Holiday Gifts Preview

Have a sis who adores the sea? A pop who loves the Pacific? Find cool presents in Pedro.

Cabrillo Marine Aquarium

SEASONAL SHOPPING... can run the glitzy gamut, from pop-ups solely devoted to handbags to happenings that put the focus on foodstuffs (the kind of jams and candies that are perfect for stuffing a stocking). But finding holiday gifty places built around our passions can be rather trickier, unless you know to check out the sorts of destinations where such a gifty place might show up. If you're wild for waves, and an otter aficionado, and you consider yourself an expert on everything to do with sharks (and/or whales and/or coral and/or seahorses), consider seeing what the aquariums dotting the California coastline are up to in the weeks ahead of Christmas, shop-wise. Some may have some special holiday items for sale, or full on-events that'll get you ready to treat the ocean lover in your life right. Look to Cabrillo Marine Aquarium, in San Pedro, which is hosting its...

8TH ANNUAL HOLIDAY PREVIEW: Will you find a sea-sweet nutcracker for the mantel at the Nov. 5 and 6 event? A lighthouse ornament? Various decorative bits that speak to the symbols of the sea, from mermaids to jellies to boats to dolphins? You could fully decorate in pure Pacific prettiness this year, or you could find the perfect tree topper for your friend, the one who longs to be on the beach every day of the year. No grunions shall be about, at least the real ones, for they're a spring and summer visitor to the aquarium. But plenty of end-of-the-year sparkle, all with an ocean theme, will be on display (and for sale) at this aquatically awesome attraction.

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