California Poppy Festival

Celebrate our state flower at a Lancaster lark.

California Poppy Festival

There's no doubt about it: The poppy is a flower that truly loves company.

While some other buds might take the "hither and yon" route to blooming, poppies tend to cover desert hillsides with, well, "a sea of orange" to quote the California Poppy Festival. Making them not only a favorite springtime sight around Southern California, but a sight so striking it merits its own party.

That party is a two-day festival in Lancaster, which is not all that far from the reserves that go orange-y around April. The 2011 California Poppy Festival is happening on Saturday, April 16 and Sunday, April 17, and it is the 20th go-around. Besides poppy talk, it will include bands, eats, and kidly to-dos. We especially like the Aerospace & Aviation zone, which, of course, pays tribute to the area's take-flight rep.

And is there a mobile app? There is. It is 2011, after all, and even poppies need their day in the tech sun.

If you want to go straight to where the poppies are a-poppin', best keep an eye on the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve site. It has the updates on what trails to take to soak in the splendor.

And adult admission is $8.

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