Canary Canoodle

BIRDS AND THE BEES: Valentine's Day may have a well-deserved birds-and-bees-y rep, but rarely does an actual bird or bee come into it. Stay at the Canary in Santa Barbara, though, and there's your bird. The bee's part? Well. Would you groan if we said you'll just need to bring a bit of honey to the holiday? Oh what? It's Valentine's Day. Be a bit cheesy, we say. 

CANARY DEAL: Not only does the swanky Santa Barbara stay have a Feb. 12-14, 2011 deal on, but it has a name that caught us: "Canoodle Canary." Anyone who uses "canoodle" for anything has our allegiance. Allegiances are also won when the package includes dinner for two and a Deluxe King room for $299 (you can go Junior Suite for $399, and both those prices will have taxes and the usual extra fees, so read the fine print).

NOW: The only thing left for you to do, besides booking it and paying for it and getting to Santa Barbara, is to use the word "canoodle" a thousand more times, until your sweetie just can't take it any longer. We would.

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