Cape Rey Carlsbad: End of Summer Celebration

Craft brews and cool tunes send the season off (poolside, natch).

JUST LIKE THAT, summer will take its final bow, and even though it might swear up and down that'll be back next June (and we know it is telling the truth), this still might be cold comfort. If only there was one more week, or month, or another opportunity to do something befitting the time of year when splashing in pools and listening to outdoor concerts reigns. Such a moment is on the horizon, in Carlsbad, and it comes a full two weeks — well, nearly — before autumn makes its grand entrance. It's the End of Summer Celebration at Cape Rey, and it is making its merry stand on that most summery day of the week, Friday. Actually, make that...

FRIDAY EVENING, SEPT. 9: There are several have-a-good-time doings to get the weekend revved up, from an alfresco beer garden (yep, regional favorites Stone Brewing Company and Bay City Brewing Company will be pouring) and a concert near the pool. Mojo Jackson, a San Diego-based outfit known for artfully combining a host of genres, will be at the mics, and you? You'll be dancing, if that's how you like to roll. And after the dancing comes the browsing at...

THE NIGHT MARKET, which will include "unique products from SoCal retailers." Look for SoCal Candle Co., Couture by the Sea, and other vendors to be out into the look-around, shop-and-stroll evening. Is this a primo way to show summer the door, in your book? Then look here, for beer garden tasting prices, celebration times, and all the info you'll need for your nice night on the ninth.

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