Carlsbad Cute: Fashion, Flowers, and Fido

Connect with furry sweethearts at the famous Flower Fields.

GLANCE OVER AT YOUR CALENDAR, the one hanging on the kitchen wall, or the box of notecards you just purchased, or your favorite sweatshirt, the one you keep draped over the closet door (for easy reach). Is there A) a dog on it or B) flowers on it or C) probably most likely let's be honest both? We'll bet C), for calendars and notecards and clothing and everything else that can rock a photograph or design quite often, and admirably, features those things that make us happy in life. And, for many of us, that includes our gardens and our BFFs, the snorty, furry, foldy, tail-wagging companions who can so often be found sunning in our gardens. But finding a furry pup in a famous garden is less likely, as those tend to be for human beings only. Except... when they're not. And when there is a good cause afoot, or, rather, apaw, you can count on one of the most famous flower destinations of all to open up for the evening. It's the...

FLOWER FIELDS... of Carlsbad we speak of, the scene for the 2017 Fashion, Fido, and Flowers night. There's a fashion show, yes, with looks from Carlsbad Premium Outlets, and there are pups to coo over, pups that are adoptable (Rancho Coastal Humane Society will be there). Will the hounds be on the catwalk? You bet, so prepare to awww. Can you invite your own "friendly, well-behaved" pooch to the happening? You can. Are tickets still available? Yes, and they're $40 (bites, beverages, and entry are included). The showy ranunculuses of The Flower Fields won't last forever — closing day for this year is just ahead, in fact, on May 14 — but finding a sweetie to adopt could bring you years and years of cuddles. Can any adorable calendar or t-shirt equal that feeling? No, but we keep displaying them, because flowers and Fidos remind us of life's lighter side.

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