World's Youngest Fashion Designer Got Her Start in LA

A trunk show in Sherman Oaks launches the career of Cecilia Cassini.

Cecilia Cassini knew she liked fashion early. At age five, she started cutting out clothes, imagining how she could create new outfits. Her sixth birthday present helped turn a five-year-old's hobby into an actual business.

"For my sixth birthday, I got a sewing machine," said Cassini, now 11. "And that started everything."

Cassini is now considered to be the world's youngest fashion designer. She's designed clothes for Miley Cyrus, and Heidi Klum asked her to make dresses for her daughter.

"A year from now, I see myself showcasing at every single fashion week around the world," Cassini said last week at New York's Fashion Week. "I was born with fashion in my blood. I couldn't live without fashion."

Cassini's career began at a boutique store in Sherman Oaks, California. Her mother brought some of the clothes and showed them to the owner, who took one look and decided to host a trunk show.

A fledgling career was born.The trunk show was a sell-out, says Cassini.

Cassini's clothing is available on her website.

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