Celebrating Old Russian New Year’s Eve

Petrossian has an elegant menu, with plenty of caviar.

Heather John

There are many celebratory ways to mark Old Russian New Year's Eve, which is traditionally observed on Jan. 13. Petrossian West Hollywood is honoring the occasion with a full menu of delights, starting with caviar with vodka.

The caviar isn't just any caviar, of course; we're talking "30g Classic Transmontanus Caviar," served alongside "Flutes of Russian Standard Vodka." Pretty much every single one of those words has a celebratory flair built in.

Also on the lengthy menu: Beef Stroganoff, made with short ribs. A Kasha of grecha, onions, and carrots. Borscht, of course; we find it almost impossible to write the word "borscht" and not follow it up with "of course," because of course you'll want the delicious, beet-beautiful concoction on such a big evening. And there will be the sweet Baba Romovaya to add a tasty finish to the evening.

Cost is $150, sans tax/gratuity, and there's more the menu; check out the full menu here.

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